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Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions - Some Of Our 14,000 Happy Adopters - Page 1 of 4
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Irish Wolfhound Great Dane puppy "Olivia" enjoys her new
family, including her new Irish Wolfhound sister, "Falana"

Hi Burt and Tracy!

We're home!  Travel was great, and the dogs slept most of the way. 

"Olympia" is just wonderful and so well adjusted, thanks to you two.  She's blending in just fine and has frolicked a great deal (already) in the back yard. 

As for "Falana," she couldn't find a colder shoulder to offer "Olympia."  They've interacted a bit, and "Olympia's" doing her best to make friends.  We know they're going to be great companions in time!

The 'girls' and my two boys all slept together in the living room, and "Olympia" made it very well through the night.  She's just so "settled!"  I really think that has a lot to do with how well you two have socialized and loved her.

She's incredibly confident and well adjusted!  All credit to you two!

We love the name "Olympia" (so regal), and then on the car ride it transitioned to "Olivia," which then shortened itself to "Livvie."  So, now she's "Livvie."

I've reviewed our adoption agreement in the light of day (after a good night's rest from our drive home) and will continue to review it in order to keep with all timelines, etc.  Thank you for spelling things out so well, and I know I can be in touch with any questions.  We'll be ordering more food ASAP!

Burt and Tracy, we had a wonderful time meeting you, the herd, and your other guests. 

What a warm and fantastic experience!  Though we're already a dog family, your wisdom and advice certainly gave us additional confidence for the 'two-dog' process.

Burt, what a treat for us, as children of the 70's, it was to meet you, a hero of ours.  Pierce and I tried very hard not to act like schoolkids, but it really was a great honor to meet the man who kept us company on Saturday mornings..

Tracy, we could have listened to you forever.  You dispense pearls of wisdom with such entertainment!  Your love for the dogs and the confidence you exude made this process so easy.  Bless you and bless your family and bless your work - both of you.

We'll work on photos (and maybe some video!). 

Thanks to you both, and we'll be in touch.

Yours, gratefully and respectfully,


"Olivia" is a true 'gentle giant' at only 14 weeks old


Dear Burt & Tracy,
"Teddy Bear" is now renamed "Hogarth" and is a love.

He is beautiful!

Everyone in our house loves him.

He likes everybody.

Thank-you for giving us this opportunity.
  You guys are running a great rescue organization.
  We tried a a lot of names.

"Hogarth" fit just right.

  He loves the doggy bed we have for him.
  We loved all the dogs you have there - it was hard to choose just one.

We hope you find homes for the other dogs, too.

Thank-you soo much for giving us "Teddy Bear."

You will be hearing from us soon.

Lisa, Bradley, Grace, Harrison, Gavin and "Hogarth"

  Hi Tracy and Burt:

First of all, let me start by thanking both of you very much for allowing me to adopt "Rex."

Now, let me tell you about "Rex" because I know that you miss hearing about him.

Well, I adopted "Rex" about 7 months ago, and I followed your instructions for the first two weeks.

I felt that I became everything to him and he was just waiting for someone that he can trust, so he can show this person all his feelings and beautiful manners.

I am so glad that I was this person.

"Rex" is very polite and well trained, and everyday he just surprises me with something new that I did not know about him.

To me now, "Rex" is more than just a dog.

He is my best friend!

He is the one that I can trust when I can not trust anyone else.

Again, thank you, and you will see me soon to get a new friend for "Rex" and me.


     Hi Tracy and Burt,

Radu and I just wanted to say how happy we are with "Bentley" (aka "Scoobie"). 

He has adjusted so well and it's amazing how much we all have bonded in only one day.  

He wants to be included in everything we're doing at all times and never lets us out of his sight. 

He's such a sweet boy. 

He walks like a gentleman on the leash and has no problems going to the bathroom while on the leash, which was a relief to us.

We just wanted to thank you for doing what you do. 

I was really impressed with your dogs and will recommend your place to anyone who will listen. 

All your dogs seem so healthy, happy and loving. 

I've always been a little nervous about getting a dog from a rescue, but I can't tell you how happy we are that we found your facility and "Bentley."

It's only been one day and already I can't imagine not having him with us. 

We feel truly blessed.

I'll send you some photos as soon as I take some. 

Can you send us the photos you took while we were there yesterday?  There were a couple really cute ones.

Thanks again for everything!


Hi Burt and Tracy!

"Chopper" is the most amazing and wonderful dog that I have ever met!

I can't even describe the joy that he brings me.

Thank you so much again for everything - for deciding to show him to me after all - and for letting him come home that day.

He's so well behaved and listens so well - and isn't shy at all - such a little lover!

He's adjusted so well and is already attached to me like nobody's business.

He's so loving and obedient!

He loves snuggling, and really gets a kick out of

I'm already in love with him!

Burt, thank you so much for having faith in him . . . he's so perfect!

He's amazing and wonderful - words can't even describe him!

Nothing will ever come between me and "Chopper" - he definitely has a home for life!


Dear Tracy and Burt,

It's been a while
since we adopted
"Magnus" and "Mulan"
from you (back in April 05)
and everyone is doing great!

"Magnus" (Irish Wolfhound mix) decided he didn't
want to grow up, and only got a few inches taller.

We've tried figuring out what other breed(s)
he is mixed with, but it doesn't matter! He's
so cute and is an awesome fetcher/catcher!

"Mulan" (Great Dane) is also doing terrific! She is so gentle,
unless she accidentally knocks you down while "leaning" in
for more love!

"George" our Bullmastiff gets along so well with his brother
and sister, he'd definitely be lost without them!

We took our Christmas photos at our new house under
construction. The dogs are going to have so much room to play.

I hope all is well with you and your family, and just want to thank
you again for the awesome work you do, and for the wonderful new additions to our family!

Happy New Year!

Michelle, Anthony, Olivia, Madeline, and Isabella



Happy New Year!

It has been just over two weeks since we brought our little girl “Lacy” home and we are head over heels in love with her.

She is so calm and easy going.

She walks perfectly on her leash and wants to be where we are in the house just laying down and relaxing.

My Father is in a wheelchair and my Mother has had joint replacements and when they met “Lacy” she was just as calm as could be.

She does not move quickly by them or anyone, and does not whip her tail.

We are so very lucky to have found your wonderful rescue.

Thank you for bringing “Lacy” into our lives.

Paul and Susan

  Tracy, Burt and Melody

I just wanted to update you on our 'babies' that we adopted from you.

We took home "Xena" and "Frankie" (now "Scout") on 12/21/2001.

We can not thank you enough for bringing these two into our lives.

We had a new baby in December 2004.

The dogs love him to death.

Kayla plays out back with the two in the afternoons and we never fear any harm will come to her as the dogs would give their lives to protect her.

"Scout" is an exceptional canine protector and "Xena" is the babysitter.

She watches the kids like they are her puppies.

Thank you, again.

We hope to come by in the next year (around November or December) to adopt another.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Phil and Jamie

Dear Burt and Tracy,

Our lives have been so enriched since we brought 'Teddy Bear' "Hogarth" into our family. He is such a special and loving addition. We feel so blessed.

May you have a Special Holiday season.

We appreciate the goodness you add to the world, especially ours.

All our love,

"Hogarth," Grace, Harry, Gavin, Brad and Lisa

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